JesusmGarcia - Jesús M. García Flores
Amsterdam Sunset by Jesús M. García

About Me / Sobre mi:

Jesús M. García

Photographer with AFIAP Distinction

( Artist FIAP )

The Epson International Pano Awards. 2017 Photographer of the Year. Jesus M. Garcia Flores

Biography / Biografía:

Jesús M. García Flores

Jesús is a professional Spanish photographer based in Toledo - Spain.

His family have always shared a link to the world of photography.

Nowadays, Jesús travels around the world looking for the best possible light for photography. In this quest, Jesús discovered the Northern Lights in 2013. Since then, he has been captivated by them and has become an “Aurora Borealis chaser”.

As an internationally acclaimed landscape photographer, Jesús has been awarded various prizes including : The Trierenberg Super Circuit, The Al-thani awards for photography, The International Epson Pano Awards, The International Photography Awards, Digital Photo World, Siena International Photo Awards, and more...

2017 Photographer of the Year.

His work has also been published in a variety of magazines and newspapers across Europe including:  Hello Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, Camerapixo, Capture Mania, Bao Magazine among others. His photographs are also being used various commercial brands such as LiberBank, Microsoft, Garuda Indonesia Airlines, LG Electronics, Samsung, Repsol and Yahoo.

He co-ordinates both workshops and conference  around Spain, teaching others about the innovate post-processing techniques he has been refining for 20 years.

Sponsored by: LucrOit, Formatt Hitech, PhotoPills, and Terrascape.

Awards / Premios :

Gold Medal CEF - XLI Trofeo Internacional Guipúzcoa.

Gold Medal - "The AL-THANI International Award for Photography".

Honorable Mention FIAP - XXXVIII Trofeo Internacional Torretes.

Silver Medal FcF & Bronze Medal FcF - V Certamen Internacional "Sant Just Desvern".

Honorable Mention IAAP - "International Exhibition of Art Photography".

Bronze Medal FIAP & Bronze Medal CEF - "I Xativa´s International Photography Contest".

Silver Medal FIAP - III Salón Internacional "Le Catalan".

Bronze Medal IVAF & Chairman´s Choice - "International Salon of Fine Art Photography".

Gold Medal ZFS - 7th International Contest of Photography " Narava".

1º Overall Amateur Ranking, Environments - "The EPSON International Pano Awards".

Honorable Mention - International Photography Awards (IPA).

Honorable Mention FIAP - Trofeo Internacional Guipúzcoa.

Honorable Mention FIAP - Bengal Autumn - IVAF - "Kolkata".

Honorable Mention PSA & Salon Ribbon - Bengal Autumn KMTA - "Execeed - Purilia".

Honorable Mention PSA - PhotoArt Prague International Photographic Salon.

5 Honorable Mentions - Monochrome Photography Awards Grand Prix.

Gold Medal CEF & Honorable Mention ISF - 39e. Trofeo Internacional "Torrets". ​

Honorable Mention RPS - PCA Salon Grand Exhibition.

Gold Medal UPI & Bronze Medal PCI - International Photo Salon "Contrast".

Bronze Medal IVAF & Chairman´s Choice - Equinox2 - International Salon of Fine Art Photography.

Gold Medal FIAP - Trierenberg Super Circuit.

Gold Medal FIAP & 4 Honorable Mentions - Fkk "Tower Circuit".

Gold Medal - "Digitalna Foto Arhiva Circuit".

Gold Medal PSA & Gold Medal IAAP - "Creative Blinks".

Gold Medal IVAF & Honorable Mention IVAF & Honorable Mention FIAP - "Perspective III".

Gold Medal & 3 Silver Medals - The EPSON International Pano Awards.

Gold Medal PSA & Bronze Medal PSA & Honorable Mention UPI - Bosnia Grand Photo Salón.

Gold Medal PSA & Bronze Medal DPW & Honorable Mention DPW - DPA Ireland Exhibition. ​

Gold Medal "Master of Light" - Contrast International Exhibition of Art Photography.

2 Gold Medals & Silver Medal & 2 Honorable Mentions - Digital Photo World.

Silver Medal & Bronze Medal & Honorable Mention - Digital Photo Archive - Ireland.

3ª Overall Professional Ranking, Open Built - The EPSON International Pano Awards.

​Honorable Mention - Siena International Photo Awards - SIPA.

FIAP Best Autor & Gold Medal & Silver Medal & Bronze Medal & Honorable Mention - PHOTODIVAN.

Gold Medal FIAP & 2 Gold Medals ARTPHOTO - ARTFOTO.

2 PSA Honorable Mention - Global Arctic Awards

Gold Medal - Trierenberg Super Circuit.

Gold Medal + Silver Medal + Bronze Medal - Khayyam

Photographer of the Year  - The Epson International Pano Awards

Press / Publicaciones:

Portada y Entrevista revista "Aquí".

Publicaciones "Toledo Guía Turística y Cultural".

Camerapixo - "We Inspire Vol.1".

"Dándole Vueltas" (pag. 32 / 38).

"Luces de la Noche".

"Lysmaler Magazine".


ABC Toledo.

Televisión Castilla-La Mancha.

Camerapixo - "Diverse Subject Matters".

"Magazine f:11" (pag. 20).

Camerapixo - "We inspire Vol.FOUR".

Camerapixo - "New Vision".

Camerapixo - "Infinite Perception".

Camerapixo - "Hot Shots Volume 5".

Portada Camerapixo - "Photography Awards 02".

"Fotografo Nocturno - La Revista" - Panorámicas de la Captura al Revelado.

Portada de la revista Inglesa - "Digital Photo".

Camerapixo - "Being Published Matters".

Camerapixo - "We inspire 07".

Podcast Mario Rubio - Nuevo Flujo 2016 - HDR y Panorámicas.

Portada y Artículo revista Bao Bilbao - Auroras Boreales.

Podcast Destino sifakka - Revelado en Lightroom, Planificación de Viajes.

Entrevista en "La Mirada de los Fotógrafos".

LucrOit Magazine.

Podcast Mario Rubio - Venta de imágenes en Internet.

Revista LNH - (Pag. 86-95).

1X Magazine - Photographer of the week.

30 Degres Swiss Magazine.


PHOT Magazine.

Entrevista en "Fotógrafo Nocturno" Magazine N.5

Historia de un Sueño.

Podcast Destino sifakka - Rocosas Canadienses

Podcast Fotógrafo Nocturno - La importancia de la Formación.

LucrOit Magazine Nº.2

Portada, Entrevista y Artista del Mes - Revista AQUÍ

Hey Design - Graphic Design Inspiration

Podcast Fotógrafo Nocturno - Elección de un monitor fotográfico y cómo calibrarlo.

Entrevista - Carrete Digital

" The Telegraph " - United Kingdom

ABC Toledo

En Castilla la

El Zoco Magazine

Podcast - The Imagen

Pano Awards Fotógrafo del Año - Fotógrafo Digital

The Epson International Pano Awards - Xataka

Podcast Destino Sifakka - Cómo hacer Fotografías Panorámicas

Televisión - Noticias CMM

National Geographic España

Cover and Interview - Capture Mania Magazine

Algunos sueños se hacen realidad - Fotógrafo Nocturno Magazine

Cómo se Revela una Fotografía Nocturna con Vía Láctea - Fotógrafo Nocturno

El Digital de Castilla la Mancha

Conoce CLM

LiberBank - Calendario Fotográfico



The Atlantic

Quo - Magazine

The Daily Telegraph

Televisión Castilla la Mancha

Daily Telegraph 

Entrevista Televisión CCM

Super Foto Digital

LMF - Magazine

Garuda Indonesia Airlines

Podcast - Carrete Digital

En Castilla la Mancha - Catedral de Toledo

Leyendas de Toledo

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